• Which European country did the UK invade on 10 May 1940? The Weekend quiz

    11 days ago - By The Guardian

    From Turkish trousers to the Sydney Opera House, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz 1 Which icon is the daughter of George and Margaret Roberts?
    2 Adamstown is only settlement on which island?
    3 Which two elements have symbols that are pronouns?
    4 Who popularised the wearing of “Turkish trousers”?
    5 The UK invaded which European country on 10 May 1940?
    6 Which bird can be tufted, horned or Atlantic?
    7 Who “got an ice pick that made his ears burn”?
    8 Historically, where was Outremer?
    What links:
    9 Abducted by bullish Zeus; Florentine navigator; southern in Latin?
    10 Stefani...
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