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Want to Write for PurseBlog?

Posted On: Oct 5, 2018   |   Posted By: Purse

So, first, some news: My last day in my decade-plus tenure at PurseBlog is two weeks from today, at which point I'll be moving on to become a staff writer at The Atlantic. I'm very excited for this opportunity that has come my way rather suddenly, but I'm also incredibly sad to be leaving the PurseBlog family, which has come to feel like just that to me-a family.
I'll write a longer note about my personal end in all of this when the time comes, but right now, we've got business to take care of. As you might expect, my departure means that it's time for some new voices and new writers at PurseBlog, and because handbags are an area of specialized knowledge that not all that many writers have, we thought that some of those writers might be among our audience.
If you have writing or editing experience and want to write for us about handbags, whether it's several times a week or just once in a while, we want to hear from you! To be considered, email me at amanda and tell us about why...

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