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Timeless Classic or Nostalgic Throwback: Is The City Bag a Good Investment?

Posted On: Nov 6, 2018   |   Posted By: Purse

My first Balenciaga City bag meant the world to me. I bought it used in late 2016 at a difficult moment in my life, and it was my first foray into the high end luxury bag market after getting my feet wet with bags by Coach , Michael Kors , and Furla. Carrying the slouchy, cardinal red bag with giant studs lent all of my outfits an aura of effortless cool. My City Bag was truly the bag that kickstarted my handbag obsession.
However, a year and a half later, a new City Bag caught my eye. At $900 , the new object of my obsession was bubblegum pink, more structured, and a lot smaller. Since I'm not exactly rich, I thought, no big deal-I'll just sell my red City and get this one. Certainly that would more than cover the cost, and I might end up turning a profit at that.
I'm sure you can see where this is going, Dear Reader, but in case you can't: I was very wrong. I put my red City up for consignment on the same website I had purchased it from, at a little over 2/3 of the price...

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