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If You Don't Have a Camera Bag in Your Closet, You Need One

Posted On: Jul 11, 2018   |   Posted By: Purse

In general, I believe that most things in the world of accessories are matters of personal taste, which means I'm slow to become evangelical about my belief in the goodness of any particular trend, brand, structure or look. Sure, I personally endorse bags all the time, but I realize that's just my personal opinion, which will be of varying value to those who might read it. When it comes to one type of bag, though, things go a little bit beyond that: I believe that camera bags are truly, genuinely the most useful of the widely available bag styles.
A camera bag is characterized by a collection of the following characteristics: it's petite and rectangular, with a crossbody strap, top zipper and side gussets that maintain a consistent width from top to bottom. It looks, essentially, like a little bag that would comfortably hold a digital camera from ten or so years ago, with a little extra room-hence the name of the genre.
Camera bags are so great because of how all of these features interact. The bags are...

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