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Chanel to Ban Use of Exotic Skins Moving Forward

Posted On: Dec 7, 2018   |   Posted By: Purse

While many have been hoping more design houses will follow suit of Gucci and stop using fur , it was never as widely verbalized by handbag lovers that they'd like to see exotics done away with, after all exotic skin bags are some of the most sought after and highly coveted among them. Many were taken by surprise on Monday when Chanel announced it would no longer use exotic skins.
Chanel made this announcement Monday, saying the problem for them lies with the sourcing of exotic skins not matching their ethical standards. Skins being done away with include crocodilian, lizard, snake, and galuchat and while these exotics don't make up a large part of overall Chanel sales, it still represents an ultimate holy grail realm for many Chanel lovers. In fact, back in 2009 Chanel opened a boutique between the Encore and Wynn hotel in Las Vegas entirely dedicated to exotic Chanel bags that Vlad and I went into a few years ago.
This will affect collections moving forward, but there are still exotic skin Chanel bags being...

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