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Chanel Launches Ski-Themed Coco Neige Collection, Complete with the Ski Bunny Bags of Your Dreams

Posted On: Aug 1, 2018   |   Posted By: Purse

There's nothing quit like the launch of an extremely high-end fashion collection expressly intended to be taken on ski trips to remind you that being rich is indeed very different than being regular, and today, Chanel is here to provide exactly that. The French powerhouse recently launched Coco Neige , and if you're currently planning the type of mountain getaway for which you will need an entirely new aprés ski wardrobe, well, here you go.
The collection, fronted by Australian actress Margot Robbie , includes a mixture of Chanel signatures with pieces that have a decidedly more athletic look. When this collection was first announced, I figured it probably wouldn't include handbags-after all, I've never seen anyone carry a bag while doing a winter sport. It's Chanel, though, so I should have known better.
If you've been imagining “Chanel ski-themed handbags” in your head for the past two paragraphs, then you already know...

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