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6 More Emerging Designers to Know for the Indie Bag Boom

Posted On: Jul 12, 2018   |   Posted By: Purse

As we've written about several times in the past few months, we're in something of a golden age for emerging handbag designers. Because of online sales and social media, the opportunity for small brands to sell their wares and get them in front of shoppers is more accessible than ever before, and young, creative people from a variety of locales and backgrounds are making and selling some super interesting bags as a result. Many of those bags are also accessibly priced, which is even better.
Periodically, we like to highlight some of these brands that are starting to gain a toehold in the market and whose designs are well worth some love and attention, and we're glad we've had the opportunity to do that several times this year already-diversification of the bag market, both on aesthetic and price levels, is nothing but good for consumers. Below, check out a half dozen brands we've been following lately.

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