• The Best Scalp Treatments for Every Hair Texture

    One year ago - By Style Caster

    Unless you're a stylist tasked with knowing the ins and outs of hair health, the scalp is probably an afterthought when it comes to your daily regimen. That's the complete opposite of how we should be approaching it. Like a tree with strong roots, your hair needs the same thing-a healthy scalp- to grow and maintain its strength and vibrancy.
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    So start there and treat it like the rest of the skin on your body. Keeping it properly detoxed and moisturized to prevent dryness, itching or worse-infection. As with most beauty...
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  • Hair-Smoothing Treatments: 8 Things You Didn't Know

    One year ago - By Allure

    We grilled chemists and stylists on which hair-smoothing treatment works. Here are the eight things you - and your hair - need to know.
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