• If you've got a £37,000, how about getting these Gucci handcuffs for your lover?

    10 monthes ago - By Metro

    We all know that Gucci don't come cheap.
    And that rule applies whether it's a leather handbag you're after or some kind of bedroom accessory.
    Even second hand they still cost an arm and a leg.
    Just take this pair of Gucci silver handcuffs, for example.
    They've casually just been featured on Grailed - an online designer swap shop - for a swift $65,000 .
    ‘A very rare pair of heavy solid silver handcuffs with keyless push button closure,' the description reads.
    ‘Made and displayed in Gucci windows co-incidentally the same day that Patricia Gucci was convicted of murder in 1998 - the...
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