• Like it or not, Sleeping Beauty has origins in rape culture

    One year ago - By Metro

    The response to a mother who suggested Sleeping Beauty was pulled from schools because of the messages about consent, has not been kind.
    People on Twitter have called her names, the comments on online articles are mostly variations on the theme of ‘political correctness gone mad' and in some cases it's even got pretty nasty.
    But the thing is, however traditional a fairytale might be, and however inoffensive it might seem at first look, lots of fairytales really do have their origins in rape culture.
    Like, literal rape culture.
    In the original of Sleeping Beauty the princess was raped while...
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  • Why we don't need to ban Sleeping Beauty in schools

    Why we don't need to ban Sleeping Beauty in schools

    One year ago - By Metro

    Does this classic story really need to come out of the library?
    I've never been a big fan of Sleeping Beauty.
    I find it rather dull, and I'm unsure how I feel about a story replete with strong female characters who then depend on a man to save them.
    Still, I wouldn't go quite as far as Sarah Hall - a Tyneside parent who's asked whether the book could be taken out of circulation for younger classes.
    Why does she want it pulled? Well, it's because it helps ‘create a culture where consent isn't important'.
    Sleeping Beauty promotes inappropriate sexual message, says... Read the full story
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