• Under the Fijian sun: A long-distance marriage makes room for chasing waves and running yacht charters

    8 monthes ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    He lives in Fiji running yacht charters. She lives in Auckland with the kids. It's a long-distance lifestyle that takes a boatload of love, trust, and passion for the Pacific.
    Words: Cari Johnson Photos: Kevin Emirali
    Steele Jones has all the tell-tale symptoms. Toffee-coloured skin, salty hair, a compulsion for steering life towards the tropics. His wife Rachael leans in, whispering as if to conceal her husband's greatest secret.
    “I always tell people he's an addict,” she says. “Steele has an addiction to surfing.”
    He got “bit by the bug” while at intermediate school in the Bay of Plenty...
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