• What links a helix and a lobule? The Weekend quiz

    5 days ago - By The Guardian

    From the Lascaux caves to Interstate 495, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz 1 The phrase “old sport” appears 45 times in which novel?
    2 Which basic taste has a Japanese name?
    3 What was the UK's first higher education institution for women?
    4 Where was a 37m cat geoglyph revealed recently?
    5 Which city is encircled by Interstate 495?
    6 Roger Fenton photographed which conflict?
    7 Which blind salamander is found only in the Balkans?
    8 Who, notoriously, wrote the essay Industrial Society And Its Future?
    What links:
    9 Booker; Torv; Deng; Hall?
    10 Ottonian; Salian; Hohenstaufen...
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