• Travel Tips: 5 Perks Travel Agents Offer Beyond Booking Your Trip

    One year ago - By NY Times

    Most people assume travel agents just book trips - something anyone with Google can do, but they actually offer much more. Here are five perks that make them worth the added cost.
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  • 5 Tips to Ensure You Book the Cheapest Flights

    5 Tips to Ensure You Book the Cheapest Flights

    One year ago - By GoBackpacking

    Jetting off on vacation is one of the most exciting things we look forward to in life. It's also one of the most costly.
    It can often be a battle against luck when it comes to booking flights. There are so many things to factor in when it comes to calculating the price, whether it be school holidays or significant events taking place.
    Prices can fluctuate drastically, so how do you get the best deal? We take a look at the simple steps you can take to make sure you get the best deal when booking flights.
    Book Early
    Perhaps the simplest option is book early. The further in advance you can...
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