• When life gave this Paraparaumu couple lemons - they made an award-winning limoncello

    26 days ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    Willing friends pitch in to help this Paraparaumu couple make their zesty award-winning limoncello.
    Words: Lee-Anne Duncan Photos: Carolyn Robertson
    A quick read of the compliments taped to a wall at Koakoa's Paraparaumu factory is a pick-me-up when Bec Kay, the company's sole limoncello maker, needs it most.
    As for everyone, 2020 was a trying year for Bec and her husband Chris Barber as they worked through lockdown, operating at all hours to produce hand sanitizer in bulk, alongside their usual - drinkable - alcohol-based products. While the frenetic pace of those months has eased...
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