• What do Miss Great Britain 1957 and Ben-Hur have in common? The Saturday quiz

    10 days ago - By The Guardian

    From rappers to Rwanda, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz 1 Which PM's last words were “I have been murdered”?
    2 The eastern diamondback is the largest of what type of reptile?
    3 Which rapper is known as Barbie on Instagram?
    4 At what event do winners receive a WSOP bracelet?
    5 Which London monument dates from around 1450BC?
    6 What instrument is a Fender Rhodes?
    7 Where did the Avengers Campus open in July?
    8 Which country has been subject to US sanctions for more than 60 years?
    What links:
    9 Miss Great Britain 1957 and Charlton Heston's Ben-Hur body double?
    10 Cameroon (1995)...
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