• Why you need to let go of the person you were before mental illness

    10 monthes ago - By Metro

    Why cling on to the past?
    I've decided that if I'm going to move forward, I've got to stop looking back.
    I need to stop thinking that everything was perfect before I became unwell.
    This is what it's like to live with agoraphobia
    No, I didn't have to deal with all the symptoms, and everyday living was relatively easy compared to now - but life before my diagnosis was no picnic.
    I had as many problems, challenges, limitations, disappointments and disasters as anyone else.
    So why am I clinging on to the past like I was loving myself and winning at... Read the full story
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  • Schick Intuition F.A.B. Razor Moves Forward and Back

    Schick Intuition F.A.B. Razor Moves Forward and Back

    10 monthes ago - By Allure

    The new Schick Intuition F.A.B. razor is engineered to be used forward and back - with the bloody mess.
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