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  • This couple's sustainable straw bale home took seven years to build

    11 days ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    The DIY straw bale home and food forest garden of Monika and Hermann Geister is their recipe for life, and a labour of love.
    Words and photos: Sheryn Dean Additional photos: Monika & Hermann Geister
    Who : Monika & Hermann Geister
    What : straw bale house owner/builders
    Where : Kinloch, 20 minutes west of Taupo
    Land : 2.5ha
    Straw bales, passion and working every night for at least two hours - such is the recipe two chefs used to create their sustainable, off-grid dream home. Monika and Hermann Geister had no building experience, but it didn't stop them constructing their straw bale home over...
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