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  • These cousins wanted to learn te reo Māori with their children - so they created bilingual book series, Reo Pepi

    26 days ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    Cousins Kitty Brown and Kirsten believe in an indigenous approach to restoring Pukekura, their ancestral maunga and pā located at the northern tip of Otago Peninsula. Even Kitty's daughter Kuini (2) is keen to get her hands in the earth.
    A vision to reclaim their ancestral language prompted these Dunedin cousins to create a bilingual resource for future generations.
    Words: Cari Johnson Photos: Rachael
    If ever there were a woman to follow her gut, it's Kitty Brown. For nearly a decade, a gentle tug in the stomach caused the Christchurch-born wanderer to pack her belongings, yet again, for...
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