• The ultimate guide for a sick chook: Vaccinated flocks, dealing with new birds and the case study of a limping hen

    10 days ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    Working out what's wrong with a sick chicken can be tricky, even for an expert. Here's how to improve your odds of getting a diagnosis, and prevent illness in your flock.
    Words: Sue Clarke
    Ally was a bright, alert, three-year-old brown Shaver, who developed a worsening limp over a couple of weeks. It's the sort of case I'm regularly asked to help with, usually online, and often that's all the detail I get.
    If someone asked me about a case like Ally's, there are a few things I'd need to know before I could attempt - at best - an educated guess, including:
    - is the hock joint hot and...
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