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  • Lucy Corry's Blog: Sickness benefits

    2 monthes ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    Lucy ponders the much-debated approaches to combatting winter ills - from wholesome tonics to intoxicating tipples.
    “When serving food to Invalids, remember to -
    Set the tray daintily.
    Serve small helpings.
    Cook the food perfectly and serve it attractively.
    Use the most attractive china and linen.
    Use a flower or small posy on the tray.
    Serve one course at a time.”
    So reads the start of the ‘Invalid Recipes' chapter in my 1964 edition of the Edmonds' Cookery Book , a relic from a time when the poorly could be returned to health via a prettily set tray of health-restoring dishes. One might...
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