• ‘Wow! This looks like a cosmos': Jeremy Lee's Easter egg taste test

    10 days ago - By The Guardian

    The Quo Vadis chef rates 2023's chocolate eggs, from the dazzling to the dismal. But which one is marbled with the flecks of lost souls? The Chocolate Detective 12 Cuckoo's Eggs
    £12.75/12, chocolatedetective.co.uk
    These little eggs in a box are absolutely charming - genius packaging, beautiful colours. A nice thin candy shell. Sweet, but not cloying. This blue one is praline. I'll try the brown - soft caramel. That was a wonderful surprise! Very winning!
    ★★★★★ Pierre Marcolini plumier of 12 praline eggs
    £21, marcolini.co.uk
    Very glamorous, like polished nails at a parlour. Dark, milk...
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