• Are Muscovy ducks the perfect pet? Meet the big duck with no quack

    1 month ago - By NZ Life & Leisure

    It looks like a duck , acts like a goose, roosts like a chicken, and tastes like beef.
    Words: Nadene Hall
    Domesticated ducks quack quite loudly and can't fly. Muscovy ducks can fly and don't quack. Technically, while they look like a duck, a gander at their genetics shows the Muscovy is a type of waterfowl that's distinctly different from all other ducks. They're close enough that they can interbreed with them, but any offspring are always sterile.
    Casey Patten runs Harrisville Heritage Poultry on her block, 50km south of Auckland. She loves the variety of colours of her flock, but it's...
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